Simple, Automated, and Diversified Investment Platform
A Diversified DeFi Aggregator for Binance Smart Chain
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What is Feeder Finance ?
Feeder Finance aims to make DeFi accessible, understandable, and fun!
Experience peace of mind while Feeder Finance automatically slices one deposit into smaller pieces to invest across all targeted investment strategies, from vaults, liquidity pool vaults, and more! Making investing in DeFi safer and easier, all that, within one click.
Vaults Feed
LP Vaults Feed
Vaults Feed
Spread your deposit across multiple single-token vaults; maximizing your potential yield while drastically lowering risk. All in automated fashion. A Vault of Vaults.
Investor makes a deposit in available currencies (e.g.: BUSD, USDT, BNB)
Vaults Feed turns a single deposit into multiple smaller investments and allocates to all target vaults based on vault TVL, APY, and certain rebalancing thresholds.
Overtime, allocation gets rebalanced automatically to reflect tangible shifts in market allocations and return profiles
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Community-Driven Product
Pipelines to be Announced by 4Q2021.
You dream it. We build it.
$FEED Tokenomics
$FEED's tokenomics are designed to be driven by the value created for investors through Feeder's financial products. All token holders directly benefit from the following.
0.1% Entry Fee
Entry Fees are deposited into the Fee Wallet. The team plans on having Feeder’s governing body manage this wallet after completion of Feeder’s core products.
Governance Value is created by how the FEED token holders decide to manage the funds
0.1% Exit Fee
Exit fees are deposited into the Developer Wallet; which funds our development in growing and perfecting platform value, funding potential partnerships, and creating marketing initiatives.
Project Value is driven by constant improvements, organic growth, and community involvement
5% Profit Sharing
Platform users contribute 5% of their profits to the community as profit sharing which is proportionally weighted as follows:
  • 70% goes to the Fee Collector wallet to Buyback and Distribute as staking pool APY
  • 30% goes to the Developer Wallet for marketing and development incentives
APY Value is returned weekly at random to token holders via the staking pool
Additional funds are stored to help secure and develop the platform further
Feeder Finance Governance
Feeder Finance's governing body will be instrumental in overseeing the development of the project, products, and investment platform. A feedback loop is essential to the core process.
Once core products have been launched, future products are expected to be thought through by a volunteered governance-led working group. Developer team will comment and support.
FEED’s Tokenomics are key to the project’s value. With the exception of products; FEED’s Tokenomics are arguably the most important aspect for its current and future success. They play a role in establishing governance, growing development, and funding incentives.
The current fee structure is not set in stone as it is dynamic and based upon current market conditions. In order to ensure Feeder Finance remains resilient in the face of adversity; the Governing body may propose a change/adjustment to the fee structure.
Partners, Affiliations and Exchanges

Yes. Currently team, marketing, dev tokens, and liquidity LP tokens are time-locked. Please refer to the below:

  • The liquidity has been sent to Timelock Contract which will be locked for one year from now and release at Block Number 17437094.
  • Verified transaction from Treasury to Timelock Contract - view transaction
We've engaged a top-tier smart contract auditor: CERTIK. Scope of work include audits of ALL SMART CONTRACTS (incl. currently deployed); mid/late-June 2021 expected first published audit report.

Feeder Finance’s Tokenomics revolve around three sets of fees when users interact with our products.

First is the Entry Fee of 0.1%, which is deposited into the “Fee Wallet” that will ultimately be managed by FEED’s governance.

The second is the Exit Fee of 0.1%, which goes to the “Treasury Wallet”; managed by the development team to cover expenses and to run the products and project.

Finally, the “Profit Sharing” of 5% of profits, which gets split two ways:

  • 3.5% is used to buy back FEED and paid to FEED holders
  • 1.5% is deposited into an insurance wallet for emergency funds

Contract address: 0xEb9902A19Fa1286c8832bF44e9B18E89f682f614

By staking FEED on Feeder Finance, you receive sFEED. sFEED is the key to unlock your staked FEED + rewards.

The APIs can be found in our docs through this link.
The distribution schedule can be found in our docs here.

The team at Feeder has chosen to remain anonymous for a variety of security and regulatory reasons. As a brief, Feeder was founded by three individuals; Jimmy, Patrick, and Paula.

@FeederFinance_Jimmy - Development Lead - Co-founded a full-stack software solution firm - Focuses on the development of the technology and platform

@FeederFinance_Patrick - Finance & Communications Lead - Veteran global investment banker - Focuses on the financial product design, content creation, and communications

@FeederFinance_Paula - Marketing Lead - Co-founded a digital marketing agency - Focuses on media, marketing, and partnerships

The team has also gone through the trouble of engaging a 3rd party auditor for the review of the 4 publicly available Smart Contracts [See: Deployed Contracts and CERTIK], and will be engaging a second 3rd party auditor after the completion of the first audit (Mid-June 2021).

@FeederFinance_Patrick has gone on a video call with Razor, who took some time to KYC us []; has confirmed through his Twitter-feed that we are legitimate as a team and our intentions are pure.